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China Swimming Industry Gala

2022CSE China Swimming Industry Gala, A Big Party !

Summit Forum, Training Courses, Performance, Competitions, Award Ceremony, New Product Release, and other activities

Summit Forum

  • 3rd China Swimming Venue Operators Conference

  • 3rd China Swimming Pool Water Treatment Summit

  • 3rd China Pool Constructors & System Integrators Summit

  • 3rd Classic Cases of Swimming Pool & SPA Engineering Sharing Meeting

  • 3rd China Infant Swimming Chain Brand Development Conference

  • 3rd China Infant Swimming Leadership Forum

  • 2nd China Bathing & Thermal Spring Designers Summit

  • 3rd Villa Garden & Courtyard Designers Summit

  • China Health Industry for Bathing & SPA Forum & Shanghai Bath Trade Association Annual Meeting

  • China Garden Carnival

  • China Fitness Leadership Forum

  • “Modern Gym Style”Club Design Competition (6th Edition) & Club Swimming Pool Design Competition (1st Edition)


Competitions & Performance

  • Aqua Fitness Carnival

  • Aqua Ballet

  • Aqua Bike

  • Aqua Boxing

  • Aqua Trampoline

  • Aqua Running

  • Aqua Group Fitness

  • Water Polo

  • Aqua Volleyball

  • Aqua Basketball

  • Aqua Freestanding Exercises

  • Aqua Dumb Bell

  • Aqua Yoga/Pilates

  • China Infinity Pool Swimming Challenge


Training Courses

  • Swimming Pool Operation Management Training

  • Lifesaving Training

  • Swimming Training

  • Infant Swimming Training

  • Swimming Pool Water Quality Controller Training

  • Aquatic Rehabilitation Courses


New Products Release

Display and release the latest research and development of high-end and black technology products of swimming pool spa industry, create the spirit of craftsman, and talk about innovation and wisdom together.


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