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Business Matchmaking: Finding the Right Suppliers for You

The CSE International Swimming Pool Facilities, Swimming Equipment and Stadium Construction Exhibition has been committed to expanding its global market since its establishment, aiming to build a development pattern with a domestic large cycle as the main body and international dual cycle with a global perspective. CSE 2024 will create customized trade services, providing online and offline multi-form docking for different buyers’ trade need. It aims to build an all-in-one international trade procurement and exchange platform with functions such as year-round online trade docking, a 3-day offline B2B docking event, and platform supply-demand information release and industry visits.



Offline Trade Docking Event:

During the 3-day exhibition, a special "B2B Trade Docking Matchmaking" event will be held, where selected high-quality buyers and suppliers will meet face-to-face for product selection, resource exchange, and efficient and precise docking of supply and demand.



Online Supply-Demand Interaction:

Supply and demand information will be released on official platforms such as "Global Search" and "Swimming Circle," providing buyers with regularly updated lists of high-quality suppliers for efficient access to new products, facilitating year-round online trade docking.



Industry Exchange Events:

Organize industry visits and exchange events to explore market trends and procurement demands, establish accurate connections between buyers, brands, and factories, integrate channel resources for mutual sharing, meet acquaintances, and fulfill social interaction needs.


VIP Buyer Scope:

Import-export trading companies/international buyers

Brand owners/manufacturers/producers

Cross-border major sellers

Agents/distributors/channel partners


What is more:

Contractors/design institutes/designers

Sports and swimming pool management agencies, real estate companies, garden and landscape construction companies

Cultural tourism, homestay, hotels, resorts, water parks/hydrophilic amusement parks

Homestay owners, real estate developers, contractors, builders, sports facility investors

Schools/military and police systems/professional sports teams

Sports research institutions/sports event organizations

Leisure sports venues, various training base theme parks, hotels, clubs, etc.




500+ Suppliers:from Manufacturing Base

Fields / Exhibits / Industry Covers:


Public Swimming Pool Facilities and Technology:

Swimming venues, pool facilities and technology

Circulating filtration systems, water disinfection systems, maintenance and cleaning systems, water quality testing equipment, water treatment chemicals, pool accessories and equipment, water sports and entertainment equipment, peripheral leisure facilities, beach chairs, sunshades, swimsuits, life-saving equipment, locker locks, bathroom furniture, tiles and mosaics, lighting, anti-slip facilities, ventilation and ventilation equipment for swimming pools.


Private Swimming Pools and Supporting Facilities, Villa Courtyard Landscape and Water Fountain Equipment:

Temperature-controlled finished pools, infinity pools, outdoor SPA tubs, massage pools, pool accessories, counter current devices, underwater fitness equipment, water treatment equipment, and disinfection agents, temperature-controlled energy-saving intelligent systems, rockery fish pond water circulation systems, pool cover boards, outdoor flooring, sun-rooms, underwater lights, leisure furniture, sunshades


Swimming and Lifesaving Related Equipment, Gear, and Supplies:

Swimwear, caps, antibacterial towels, slippers, bathing sets, fins, goggles, diving equipment, swimming teaching tools, other related equipment and supplies for swimming pool construction, materials, and equipment.


Sauna, Hot Springs, Bath, and SPA Leisure Facilities and Supplies:

Spa massage pools, spa massage bathtubs, surf water beds, steam rooms, physiotherapy bath equipment, SPA hydrotherapy and equipment, hydrotherapy health care, hot tubs, hot tub rooms, hot spring machines, hot spring products, foot bath aromatherapy health care, portable steam sauna rooms, sauna steam equipment, foot bath barrels, care products, and fitness equipment


Infant Swimming Supporting Facilities and Services:

Infant swimming pool venues, pool and bath facilities, and technical supporting equipment, infant swimming-related equipment and extended services, disposable supplies for infant swimming, parent-child & aquatic courses, etc.


Children's Play, Water Park, Water Sports Equipment:

Children's play facilities and equipment, non-motorized amusement equipment, water entertainment equipment, surfing and water sports equipment, water sports leisure industry, decorative items, water safety and life-saving supplies, water leisure fishing and leisure supplies, etc.


Engineering Design, Service Organizations, Media, and Industry Associations:

Design units, construction companies, system software, training institutions, service organizations, media, and industry associations, etc.




Come to the CSE and learn more information!


Feb. 29 - Mar. 2, 2024

Shanghai New International Expo Center

The 6th CSE China CSE China (Shanghai) International Swimming Pool Facilities, Swimming Equipment and Stadium Construction Exhibition


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